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Bees on site, it arouses curiosity, interest in the environment, collaboration, animation, pride, etc.

The objective of a colony leasing project or placement of an insect hotel is to generate a positive social and environmental impact:

  • Pollination of up to 700ha per site;
  • Pollination of an average of 4 billion plants per colony participating in the reproduction of plant species;
  • Breeding of 1 to 2 colonies per colony placed allowing the regeneration of bee populations;
  • Monitoring of the environment via our BeeOmonitoring tool;
  • Informing and raising the awareness of stakeholders and particularly your staff, about the problem of biodiversity loss and the measures to be taken;
  • Involvement of stakeholders.

BeeOdiversity places the bee colonies and takes care of their management. A feasibility study is carried out free of charge before placement to ensure the quality of the environment for the bees and the interest of the project. Our priority is the well-being of the bees and the whole ecosystem. The same goes for insect hotels, which can take the form of your logo!


Communication and awareness raising tools are also given to you, for example:

  • Honey pots or seed packets with your logo linked to a tool for monitoring the impact of plantations;
  • Monthly newsletter with “tips” for the month including measures to be taken in favour of pollinators according to the time of year;
  • Indicators of the development of the hive after each passage to communicate its evolution.

Animations linked to your bee project on site can also be organised: visits to the bee colonies, honey tasting, various conferences, etc.

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