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Tailor-made animations

BeeOdiversity organises a series of events, conferences and training courses related to biodiversity, beekeeping and social entrepreneurship.

Visits to bee colonies to discover the incredible organisation of this super-organism.

Honey tasting and conference on the functioning of colonies and honey production

Animation for families to learn how to build an insect hotel, seeds bombs, etc. and thus make parents and children aware of the importance of biodiversity.

Pollination breakfast to discover the difference of food in a world with and without bees

Various conferences: link between a bee colony and a company; how to create value with biodiversity; biodiversity and our health, everything is linked; impact entrepreneurship, a source of inspiration; etc.

Awareness tools and goodies

BeeOdiversity can also provide a range of awareness products and meaningful gifts:

  • More Than Honey Box
  • Honey
  • Seed bags with your logo and linked to a tool for monitoring the impact of the plantations.
  • Etc

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    BeeOdiversity develops projects in several European countries, Switzerland and the United States. Its tools and services can be used the world over.


    To contact us from Belgium and abroad : +32 2 428 00 82

    Head office : Avenue des Ajoncs 25 - 1150 Brussels (Belgium)
    Operating office : Chaussée de Namur 143 - 1402 Thines (Belgium)


    Contact number in France : +33 6 21 76 65 75 

    Station F - 5 Parvis Alan Turing Paris 13ème (France)


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