The rehabilitation of polluted urban sites


energy performance


the creation of green spaces

Who are we?

Founded in 2010, Ginkgo Advisor is an environmental impact investment fund specialised in the sustainable redevelopment of brownfield sites in Europe. Ginkgo buys polluted sites in urban centres, decontaminates them and redevelops mixed-use neighbourhoods in response to local planning and sustainable investment issues.

Our motivation

We called on BeeOdiversity to test the BeeOmonitoring solution on one of our sites undergoing decontamination/ redevelopment with 3 objectives

  • Assess the biodiversity present on site before and after the project in order to evaluate the impact of our project
  • Obtain a precise analysis of the species present on site, as well as recommendations concerning the endemic species to be planted in order to maximise the impact of our landscape project
  • To test this innovative solution on a first project and eventually implement it on our other projects

Positive biodiversity is also part of our impact indicators.