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Garden for Health and Life


For health and care institutions

The GHL is an outdoor environmental planning adapted to the users (Residents, Visitors, Care Team) integrated into the care project which aims to maintain the autonomy of the person being cared for and to alleviate the symptoms of their pathologies through the exercise of their preserved cognitive capacities (memory, time and space orientation, communication and interaction).

Its beneficial effects result from the combination of neuropsychological, artistic and environmental approaches that have been scientifically validated.

The beneficial effects
  • More global autonomy
  • Positive impact on overall health, social interactions and quality of life, for example:
    • Diversified interests and activities
    • Improvement of motricity, spatial orientation with a reduction in falls, memory and communication, body image, family relationships,…
    • Better appetite and sleep
  • Reduction of psycho-behavioural disorders
  • Reduction in health costs (saving on sedative psychotropic drugs) and drug iatrogeny (adverse effects)
People and pathologies concerned
  • staff: well-being and capacity building
  • visitors: meeting place with residents
  • the establishment: attractiveness, reduced team rotation, positive impact

The spectrum of pathologies from which it can benefit is very broad:

  • neurodevelopmental diseases (autism)
  • psychiatric diseases (depression, psychoses, eating disorders),
  • neurological diseases (Alzheimer’s and related diseases)
  • Oncology

This layout was developed in collaboration with experts in the field, including Dr. Thérèse Jonveaux from the CHRU of Nancy and Dr. Reinhard Fescharek, doctor, sculptor, designer. From its conception, it integrates a medical (neuropsychological) and scientific approach, art and biodiversity.


For the companies

The planning in companies are based on the same principles in order to:

  • Reduce the risk of stress and burn-out
  • Improve concentration skills and efficiency
  • Act on well-being
  • Increase team cohesion

It differs from “team building” and other wellness investments in that it is accessible to everyone, at any time and on a very limited budget.


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2. Fescharek, et al. “Impact of a healing garden on self-consciousness in patients with advanced Alzheimer’s disease, an exploratory study”, 2000
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