“The city of Knokke-Heist wanted to improve the well-being of its environment and its citizens. Our partnership with BeeOdiversity allowed us to define and implement a strategy that enhances biodiversity and includes a host of players to great success! Knokke-Heist was crowned Flanders most bee-friendly town !”


“At the site of our headquarters in Hoboken, we’ve had two BeeOdiversity beehives buzzing with activity for a number of years now. With close on 100,000 bees on site, we are contributing to the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity.”

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“The circular idea is one of the core values at Veolia. On that account alone, we are proud to be part of the BeeOdiversity project. In fact, bees ensure that the circle of nature stays round. With our two beehives in Sombreffe and Beerse we help to preserve our natural resources as best as possible.”

“Preserving the environment has always been an issue at the heart of Global Net’s activities. In parallel with the development of our range of eco-friendly cleaning products and disposables, we have found it important to work on the biodiversity of our sites through the installation of 4 hives by BeeOdiversity. Moreover, the monitoring of our hives by their care allows us to keep them in good health, and this for a long time!”

“To guarantee the quality and the unparalleled purity of its waters (Spa, Bru, Brecon, Carola, Wattwiller, Devin), the Spadel Group has always gone out of its way to protect the environment in its water catchment areas. In that context, the BeeOmonitoring tool and the expertise of BeeOdiversity have been invaluable in terms of monitoring biodiversity and the quality of the environment in the protection zones, taking appropriate measures on the basis of validated indicators and involving the local and regional stakeholders.”

“Producing superb drinking water is De Watergroep’s number one priority. BeeOmonitoring provides us with up-to-date information about the state of the environment around the groundwater abstraction points we use. The interesting bit is that the flying range of the bees more or less corresponds to the protection zones around the abstraction points so that there is a direct link between the results obtained and optimum water protection. On the basis of BeeOdiversity’s expertise, the indicators supplied and the extremely clear reports we can take relevant and targeted protective action. Here too, BeeOdiversity provides us with all the support we need.”

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