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We provide you with all the expertise you need to design a project that is favourable to biodiversity and your business. Whether it is for a real estate project, agricultural activities, site or land planning and management, etc., planning that takes into account nature-based services (“ecosystem services”) can create value. Here are a few examples:

  • Better quality and attractiveness of a building (e.g. thermal regulation, rainwater buffering, comfort, site surveillance by bees, etc.) or a site
  • Reduction of management costs
  • Preservation of the quality of your products and reduction of pesticides
  • Improving the relationship with your stakeholders
  • Compliance with regulatory constraints and facilitation of obtaining permits and certificates (e.g. BREEAM)
  • Positive impact indicators to differentiate with customers, stakeholders, investors, etc.
  • Well-being of the occupants of a building or site

Development plan: We proceed step by step to reduce costs and optimise efficiency:

  • Needs and initial orientation: We hold a workshop to understand your environmental and economic needs and propose a first concept, free of charge.
  • Feasibility analysis and ecological audit: this analysis covers technical aspects, local regulations, the existing situation, the needs of the site and the activity, the stakeholders, etc.
  • planning concept: this planning will meet your environmental objectives as well as your needs related to on-site activity or building improvements. This concept will be co-constructed with your team.
  • Plans and specifications: plans and specifications will be drawn up for validation of the project and its implementation in accordance with your wishes.

Management plan: As well as a graphic charter, a “maintenance and planning charter” will guarantee consistency and continuity in the management of your site. Our management plans are based on sustainable practices and include advice on which species to plant for the desired impact. They are established taking into account the preservation of biodiversity (reducing the use of pesticides, but also your needs and objectives, your budget, your site, etc.).

Implementation: monitoring and/or implementation of your planning

Impact indicators: we accompany our plannings with impact indicators to be defined together.

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