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The BeeOlabel is an independent label developed by BeeOdiversity at the request of many renowned partners. It is intended for any company or local authority wishing to take action on its site and on a territorial scale to preserve/regenerate biodiversity. It aims at :

  • certifying the commitment of companies and local authorities to biodiversity on their sites and local territory ;
  • enhancing the value of these actors acting for biodiversity and the reduction of pollution.

In order to obtain the BeeOlabel, reference scores must be reached which will be calculated taking into account the results of the BeeOmonitoring and the improvement actions that the labelled party undertakes to implement and/or has implemented. This label therefore offers the advantage of being based on qualitative and quantitative indicators that testify :

  • the quality of the site and its use by the label holder ;
  • the positive impact on a territorial scale (700ha) of the improvement actions taken by the labelled site.

The indicators are linked to the results of the BeeOmonitoring for plant biodiversity, pesticides and metallic trace elements (other pollutants are optional). This label therefore takes into account 3 of the 5 factors of biodiversity decline, i.e. use of a site, pollution and invasive species.

 Other benefits arise from being BeeOlabelled, in particular :

 the possibility to display the BeeOlabel on site via communication tools made available to the labelled person

  • differentiation from other players by benefiting from a label that is also promoted by other renowned companies / communities ;
  • access to advice on improvement actions to be promoted on site and to experts ;
  • communication with your stakeholders (internally and externally) ;
  • reinforced CSR strategy.

If you are interested, please let us know so that we can provide you with details on the BeeOlabel and the conditions for obtaining it.

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