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A coherent and sustainable environmental strategy

Energy, CO2 emissions, mobility… will henceforth form part and parcel of businesses’ social ranking.

But a coherent environmental strategy means that biodiversity must be conserved and regenerated all along the value chain. A wonderful, visible and concrete showcase for your commitment to the environment!

Our strategic advice, guides to good practices and adjustments (plantings, bug hotels or bee colonies, nesting boxes, the protection of species…) will enable you to integrate biodiversity at every level of your environmental policy.

A societal and territorial commitment that improves the relationship with the local players

The relationship with local stakeholders is becoming increasingly important in the activities of both the private and the public sector.

Taking action and making a commitment to regenerate biodiversity and reduce pollution is an excellent way to raise awareness and bring local communities together around a unifying project, to turn them into ambassadors and limit opposition.

Better products, better services and a better ranking

The state of biodiversity in your environment and pollution can affect your products, your services and your image. Our tools and expertise will help you to control these risks and to enhance all these aspects.

Examples :

  • Taking action on pollutants that affect your water supply and foodstuffs
  • Improving the taste of dairy produce thanks to biodiversity
  • Advice on sustainable farming practices

As a business or public body you need to reduce your negative impact and conserve biodiversity if you want to meet the new expectations of your customers and society, differentiate yourself and increase your attractiveness.

BeeOdiversity’s innovative solutions can help you to achieve such that.

Examples  :

  • Our BeeOmonitoring allows you to take stock of the industrial or agricultural pollution and of the state of biodiversity over large areas at low cost and to implement targeted and effective measures to improve matters. Many of our partners have integrated this unique tool in their bids to assert their commitment and ranking.
  • We design biodiversity-friendly planting schemes that reduce your CO2 emissions.


Respect for regulatory constraints and the facilitation of permits and certification applications (Bcorp, ISO, BREEAM…).

Permits and authorisations increasingly come with biodiversity-related conditions attached.

BeeOdiversity helps you to meet the standards and to reach your goals. We even assist you with the ISO, BREEAM, etc. certification-application process.

Promoting your employees’ awareness, well-being and efficiency

Employees need meaning and to be able to identify with your corporate values.

Doing your best for biodiversity on your site and in your business meets that need.

More than 15% of people’s unhappiness these days stems from their work environment and more than 60% of workers are stressed.

With the help of neurologists, BeeOdiversity can offer you indoor and outdoor planting schemes where people can reconnect with themselves again through nature. This not only reduces stress and the risk of burnout but increases the efficiency of your staff by more than 15%.

Corporate vegetable gardens, beehives and other systems or activities that enhance biodiversity make your staff aware of your overall environmental strategy and reinforce the links.

A permanent and free team-building activity!

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