Cities & territories

Smart cities & land-use planning


  • Meeting the smart city development requirements.
  • Identifying the areas where efforts need to be concentrated at an urban or regional level.
  • Ecological and technical innovation, collection and interpretation of urban/regional data.
  • Environmental project that engages the local community and makes them aware of the need to respect biodiversity, of a sustainable urban supply, of the need to limit the use of pesticides, …
  • Model city in terms of air quality and biodiversity.
  • Concrete measures that have an impact that can be communicated.

Customer returns

  • A substantive change in the environment with less pollution and an ecosystem whose richness is recognised.
    Enhanced attractiveness of the city.

  • Limit on the cost of environmental management thanks to targeted decisions.
  • A project embraced by the population who have become its ambassadors with wide recognition towards the decision-makers.
  • A multi-award-winning project and tremendous visibility for the city (Flanders’ most bee-friendly city).
  • Involvement of many stakeholders (hundreds of citizens, farmers, schools…).



  • An analysis of the area by means of mapping tools BeeOdiversity developed that make it possible to identify areas at risk (e.g.: from industrial pollution, agricultural pollution…) or ecologically valuable areas that need to be protected (e.g.: ecological corridor, nature reserve…) to pin-point the priority areas crying out for action.
  • BeeOmonitoring through bees (700 ha per site) to analyse the priority areas in greater detail in terms of pollutants, plant diversity and the quality of the ecosystem.

Advice and simulation

  • Implementation of a programme involving the local players to reduce pollutants and enhance biodiversity.
  • Plant biodiversity strategy for a specific coastal system, specifications and budget.


  • Planting schemes that foster biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.
  • Educational and training courses on biodiversity, pollination, agriculture and sustainable food. Awareness-raising events in schools. Training of nature guides and beekeepers.

  • Communication plan and media contributions.


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