Recycling plants, incinerators, quarries, biopharmaceutical production, asphalt production, ports, …


  • Monitoring the emission of pollutants across a wide area to confirm the lack of a negative impact or to take measures to contain them.
  • Anticipating the negative impact of the business on biodiversity or health to avoid litigation.
  • A comparison between sites and a guide to good practices.
  • Registering the operating site as part of a territorial approach that is positive both for the environment and the stakeholders in the context of a global CSR policy or a will to extend it to new sites.

Customer returns

  • Problems are identified and targeted measures can be decided on.
  • The impact of measures are tracked over wide areas.
  • Trade permit or expansion application files are bolstered thanks to ecological and territorial innovation.
  • The risk of objections is contained because local stakeholders recognise you as an actor who has a positive impact on the territory.
  • Visibility and recognition thanks to the project.
  • Numerical indicators that allow you to differentiate yourself.
  • Data that can be used in the context of standards (e.g.: ISO14001, ISO26000).



  • Identification and quantification of pollutant emissions across wide areas (700 ha per site monitored) with the help of honeybees.
  • Identification of the species present (fauna and flora) with a view to preserving them and taking measures to increase numbers where there is a shortage.

Advice and simulation

  • An analysis of the source of pollution and its toxicity for the various species Co-creation solutions.
  • Devising projects that regenerate biodiversity and/or limit pollution so that the site contributes to the territory’s well-being.


  • Landscaping that contributes to biodiversity and well-being.
  • Conferences and communication campaigns on the project and its positive impact, in particular for local municipalities and other stakeholders, so as to foster a common commitment.


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