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BeeOmonitoring (also known as biomonitoring) is a tool for measuring biodiversity and pollution through the analysis of pollen collected by bees, which act as natural drones and bioindicators.

Many actors in different sectors use bee biomonitoring: water producers and catchment protection, actors in sustainable real estate and land use planning, food and beverage, industrial sector (recycling, incinerators, biopharmaceuticals, production and transformation, quarries, etc.), smart cities, energy, committed companies, etc.

It is the only tool that allows the collection of qualitative and quantitative data on:

  • the number and type of plant species present and their deficiency and impact on the whole ecosystem (biodiversity measurement tool);
  • the type, concentration and impact of industrial and agricultural pollution (pollution measurement tool)

And this over large areas, at low cost and on a continuous basis

The measurements collected by this biomonitoring then allow targeted action to be taken, if necessary, by collaborating or communicating with the local community and evaluating the impact of the measures taken, with scientific indicators and figures.

BeeOdiversity has more than 10 years of data and experience in biodiversity and pollution monitoring on hundreds of sites in different types of environment, which allows us to interpret the results in detail and propose value-added improvement measures.

Our biomonitoring tool has won numerous awards recognising the innovation and societal impact of this tool. It is the result of Bach Kim Nguyen’s PhD, which focused on the causes of the disappearance of bees.

This bee monitoring tool, a bioindicator of pollution and biodiversity, allows us to offer you nature-based solutions

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