How to fund biodiversity?

There is a need to develop new models that incorporate the fact that biodiversity creates value!

Though often ignored, the conservation of the environment is crucial to mankind. The loss of biodiversity is a real problem caused by the ecological and ecosystem services man enjoys.

As the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has highlighted, a large numbers of species are at risk of extinction. But conserving nature comes at a significant financial cost which has been estimated at 4 billion dollars a year if we simply want to protect the endangered species, and rising to an eye-watering 76.1 billion dollars if we also want to protect their habitats. In spite of the high cost, it is crucial to keep the economic value biodiversity represents in mind.


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  1. Lam-Vi

    I agree, conservation is very important and I think this issue relates to SDG15: life on land. I think companies should also play a role in preserving our environment and it’s good to see startups embrace this as well. I recently read an article about SDG15 and companies that have developed new business methods and technologies within SDG15, if you’re interested you can read more here:


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