Survey biodiversity with ecological audits

The importance of biodiversity is well established. It has economic, social, cultural and aesthetic value. Indeed, biodiversity provides us with many vital services, known as ecosystem services, such as food supply, regulation of natural phenomena, but also aesthetic and recreational pleasure.
However, the rate of species extinction is unprecedented and accelerating. The natural heritage we will leave to future generations needs to be protected now.

Why conduct a biodiversity audit?


An extensive inventory

During a biodiversity audit, a physical inventory of the site is carried out to observe the plant kingdom (trees, shrubs, grasses) and animals (mammals, birds, insects). The objective is to identify the state of conservation of the natural environment of a site and its integration into the local ecosystems. This allows our team of ecologists to define the strengths and weaknesses of a site and to identify the threats to which the natural habitats are subject.

The audit is carried out on the basis of a precise framework that includes several indicators. The assessment is carried out periodically and systematically, through several field visits spread over the flora and fauna activity season (March to September).
Specific audits can be carried out for certifications (e.g. BREEAM).


The importance of green space management

During the field inventory, an analysis of practices for the preservation and regeneration of biodiversity is also carried out.
Invasive plants, such as Japanese knotweed (Reynoutria japonica), butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii) or Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) must be eliminated as quickly as possible and in a specific way to avoid their proliferation.
The identification of rare or protected plants will also enable the site management measures to be adapted to the needs of these species.
biodiversité photovoltaiques

Act for biodiversity

Following the ecological audit, a report summarising the observations made on the site is given to the client and a presentation is organised, giving rise to discussions on the various issues for biodiversity. Adapted and targeted advice is provided by our biodiversity experts based on their observations of the fauna, flora and management of the site. Subsequently, workshops can be organised with stakeholders such as green space managers, etc. to share the information gathered and extend the impact to the maximum extent possible to improve biodiversity on the site.

This tool is complementary to BeeOmonitoring because although it does not sample a daily basis like the bees, the audit complements it with non-pollinating plant species and the fauna present.
Furthermore, based on the results of the audit and BeeOmonitoring, it is possible to estimate the impact and contribution of the site to the local area (700 ha) in terms of biodiversity (ratio of species on the site to species on 700ha). Indeed, the two lists of plants are compared and BeeOdiversity is able to analyse the contribution of the site to its territory. 
Companies are increasingly committed to biodiversity and want to know their impact on the surrounding nature. An ecological audit conducted by our experts offers a complete view of the living environment on a site and a set of measures to increase biodiversity and create value.
Let’s create value together by regenerating biodiversity!
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