The benefits of nature on productivity and well-being at work

For several decades, the scientific world has focused on employees and the environmental factors that influence business results. Their studies show that the interaction between an individual and his or her work environment can be a determining factor in the success and happiness of the employee in his or her job. It is in this context that the concept of “biophilia” was born: it highlights the existence of an instinctive link between man and nature. This link has recently been recognized as a key factor in the design and development of work spaces.
According to the work of Cary Cooper, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University, who specializes in workplace wellness, “the idea of integrating nature through biophilic design is rarely seen as a luxury in modern workspaces, but rather as a sound economic investment in employee health, wellness and performance.”


Employee wellness: alarming numbers

Today, a significant proportion of the population works and lives in urban areas: in 2019, France will have more than 80% of its inhabitants in urban areas, compared to 98% in Belgium.  According to Professor Cary Cooper, interactions between employees and the environment are very limited. In his report entitled “Human Spaces“, 42% of the people surveyed do not have a window with a view of the outside in their workspace. In addition, the most common colors used in offices are gray and white.

On the other hand, in 2018, a Gallup Institute study estimated that French employees were among the most disengaged in Europe: while only 6% of them claim to be fulfilled and enthusiastic, 1 in 5 French people consider themselves discouraged and unhappy at work.


Biophilic design to improve working conditions

In this context, nature has several cards to play. According to the “Human Spaces” report, people who have worked in contact with natural elements have seen their productivity increase by 6% but also their well-being and creativity by 15%.

Many companies have rethought their office design. For example, the American company Genzyme Corporation has integrated transparent partitions and indoor gardens. Eighteen months after the opening of the new structure, 88% of employees said their well-being increased significantly and 75% said the building’s design increased their sense of connection with their colleagues.

biodiversité photovoltaiques

Thus, when applied to workspaces, nature-based design has proven to be a success. Indeed, the mere presence of natural elements contributes to fulfillment, creativity, collaboration between colleagues and stress reduction.  Moreover, feeling good in the workplace increases productivity: the relationship to work changes and employees tend to spend more time in the workplace. Another important benefit for companies is the reduction of absenteeism: the company becomes more attractive for its employees but also for its customers.


Create value with nature as a solution!

At BeeOdiversity, we provide the necessary expertise to design a project favorable to your business and biodiversity. For free, we organize a workshop to understand your needs and propose a first concept. After a feasibility analysis and an ecological audit, we conceptualize for you a customized layout that will meet your needs and improve your employees’ well-being and productivity. A maintenance and development charter will guarantee consistency and continuity in the management of your site.

By using our services, you invest in a form of team building accessible to all, at any time and on a very limited budget! The reduction of stress and burn-out, the increase of employees’ well-being, the increase of team cohesion, the improvement of concentration capacities and the increase of efficiency are benefits among many others.

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